Opus 1 - 25

op. 1      Two songs for baritone and piano (1898)

op. 2      Four songs for voice and piano (1899)

op. 3      Six songs for medium voice and piano (1899–1903)

op. 4      String sextet "Transfigured night" (1899)

op. 5      Pelleas and Melisande, symphonic poem for orchestra (1902–1903)

op. 6      Eight songs for voice and piano (1903–1905)

op. 7      First string quartet in d minor (1904–1905)

op. 8      Six orchestral songs (1903–1905)

op. 9 &
op. 9b      Chamber symphony for fifteen solo instruments (orchestra) (1906)

op. 10      Second string quartet in f sharp minor (1907–1908)

op. 11      Three piano pieces (1909)

op. 12      Two ballads for voice and piano (1907)

op. 13      "Peace on Earth" for mixed chorus a cappella (1907)

op. 14      Two songs for voice and piano (1907–1908)

op. 15      Fifteen verses from "The book of the hanging gardens" by Stefan George for high voice and piano (1908–1909)

op. 16      Five orchestral pieces (1909, revidiert 1922)

op. 17      "Expectation", monodrama (1909)

op. 18      "The lucky hand" (1910–1913)

op. 19     Six little piano pieces (1911)

op. 20      "Foliage of the heart" for high soprano, harp, celesta and harmonium (1911)

op. 21     Pierrot lunaire for speaking voice, piano, flute (altern. w. piccolo), clarinet (altern. w. bass clar.), violin, (altern. w. viola) and cello.
                21 melodramas after Albert Giraud, translated by O. E. Hartleben (1912)

op. 22      Four songs for voice and orchestra (1913–1916)

op. 23     Five piano pieces (1920–1923)

op. 24     Serenade for clarinet, bass clarinet, mandolin, guitar, violin, viola, cello and baritone voice (4th Movement: Sonnet of Petrarch)

op. 25      Suite for piano (1921–1923)

Opus 26 - 50

op. 26      Quintet for flute, oboe, clarinet, bassoon and horn (1923–1924)

op. 27      Four pieces for mixed chorus (1925)

op. 28      Three satires for mixed chorus (1925–1926)

op. 29      Suite for piano, piccolo clarinet, clarinet, bass clarinet, violin, viola, and cello (1925–1926)

op. 30      Third string quartet (1927)

op. 31     Variations for orchestra (1926–1928)

op. 32      "From Today till Tomorrow", opera in one act (Text by 'Max Blonda', recte Gertrud Schönberg) (1928–1929)

op. 33a
& b           Piano Pieces (1929 / 1931)

op. 34      "Accompaniment to a Cinematographic Scene" (1929–1930)

op. 35      Six pieces for male chorus a cappella (1929–1930)

op. 36      Concerto for Violin and Orchestra (1934–1936)

op. 37      Fourth String Quartet (1936)

op. 38 &
op. 38b    Chamber symphony No. 2 (1906–1939)

op. 39      Kol Nidre for speaker, mixed chorus and orchestra (1938)

op. 40      Variations on a Recitative for Organ (in D) (1941)

op. 41      Ode to Napoleon Buonaparte (Lord Byron) for String Quartet, Piano and Reciter (1942)

op. 42      Concerto for Piano and Orchestra (1942)

op. 43a
& b           Theme and Variations for Full Band (Orchestra) (1943)

op. 44      Prelude for Mixed Chorus and Orchestra (1945)

op. 45      String Trio (1946)

op. 46      A Survivor from Warsaw for Narrator, Men's Chorus and Orchestra (1947)

op. 47      Phantasy for Violin with Piano Accompaniment (1949)

op. 48      Three Songs for low voice (1933)

op. 49      Three Folksongs for mixed chorus a cappella (1948)

op. 50A     "Thrice a Thousand Years" for mixed chorus a cappella (1949)

op. 50B     Psalm 130 for Mixed Chorus a cappella (six voices) (1950)

op. 50C     Modern Psalm, for speaker, fourt-part mixed chorus and orchestra, unfinished (1950)

Vocal music


Moses und Aron. Opera in Three Acts (1926–1932)

Choral works with accompaniment

Gurre-Lieder (Jens Peter Jacobsen) for soli, chorus and orchestra (1900–1911)

"Song of the Wood-Dove" Version for voice and chamber orchestra (1922)

"Jacob's Ladder" Oratorio for soli, mixed chorus and orchestra (1917–1922)

Choral works without accompaniment

Siehst Du am Weg ein Blümlein blüh´n (ca. 1896)

"Friedlicher Abend senkt sich aufs Gefilde..." Two-voiced canon (undated)

"Ei du Lütte" (1895/96)

"Der deutsche Michel": A Battle song (1915–1916)

Israel exists again (Fragment)

Canons before 1920

Canons after 1920

Songs with piano accompaniment

Early Songs until 1895

Early Songs after 1895

Brettl-Songs (1901)

Song "Am Strande" (1909)

Songs with instrumental accompaniment

Song "Es ist ein Flüstern..." (undated)

Instrumental music

Piano and Organ works

Three pieces for piano (1894)

Six pieces for piano four hands (1895–1896)

Sonata for Organ (unfinished, 1941)

Chamber music

Undated early works

Presto for String Quartet (C Major) (undated)

Piece for Violin and Piano (d Minor) (1893/94?)

Scherzo for String Quartet (F Major) (1897)

String Quartet (D major) (1897)

Toter Winkel for string sextet (1899)

Ein Stelldichein for oboe, clarinet, violin, violoncello and piano (1905)

Three pieces for chamber orchestra (1910)

March "The Iron Brigade" (1916)

Christmas music for 2 violins, cello, piano and harmonium (1921)

Gerpa (Fragment) (1922)

Canons and other contrapunctical compositions

Orchestral works

Notturno for Strings and Harp known as well as "Adagio für Harfe und Streicher" (1896)

Serenade for small orchestra (Fragment)

Gavotte and Musette for string orchestra (in the old Style) (1897)

Waltz for string orchestra (Fragment)

Frühlingstod (Fragment)

Suite in the old Style for string orchestra (1934)

Fanfare for a Bowl Concert (Gurre-Lieder)


Arrangements for orchestra

Johann Sebastian Bach: Choralvorspiel: »Komm, Gott, Schöpfer, Heiliger Geist« (BWV 631) for large orchestra (1922)

Johann Sebastian Bach: Choralvorspiel: »Schmücke Dich, o liebe Seele« (BWV 654) for large orchestra (1922)

Johann Sebastian Bach: Präludium und Fuge in Es-Dur für Orgel (BWV 552) for orchestra (1928)

Johannes Brahms: Piano quartet g minor, op. 25 for large orchestra (1937)

Max Reger: Romantische Suite op. 125 (1919/20)

Instrumentations for small ensemble

Gustav Mahler: Lieder eines fahrenden Gesellen for small ensemble (1920)

Gustav Mahler: Lied von der Erde for small ensemble (Fragment, 1921)

Waltzes by Johann Strauß

Concerts and Sonatas

Konzert für Violoncello und Orchester (D-Dur) nach Matthias Georg Monn: Concerto per Clavicembalo (1932–1933)

Konzert für Streichquartett und Orchester (B-Dur) nach Georg Friedrich Händel: Concerto grosso, op. 6 Nr. 7 in B-Dur (1933)

Other arrangements

Song arrangements

Bogumil Zepler: Mädchenreigen op. 33

Three Folksongs

Four german Folksongs

Basso continuo and cadences

Piano reductions